How to rent a crafter's shelf

Ever thought of selling your crafts in a shop but don't know how to go about it? Why not come try rent a shelf with us in our shop in Dewsbury.  It's easy and you don't even have to live locally, we have renters all over the country send us their goods.  Run by experienced crafters who can guide you it's a simple way to venture into selling on the high street. Shelf prices start really low at just £3 per week and we don't charge commission for shelf sales.  There's not even a tie in period, we just ask that you pay for four weeks rent in advance.  So what are you waiting for?  Get selling your crafts with us the easy way!

Run by Experienced Crafters

Here at the Creative Craft Centre we care about our renters.  We ourselves are crafters and sell our goods in our shop too.  We wanted to share our experiences and expertise with you and help you to suceeed in the world of selling your passion too.  We always look after your goods like they are our own and display them to the best of our ability.  We don't charge high rents, commission or have tie in periods because we've been there, done that and bought the t-shirt and know it can be hard to start a new craft business from your passion.  We want to help you start making that dream a little bit easier and make a real go of it.  We really do care about our renters!


All our renters get a video of us revealing the latest renter and what they have sent/brought us.  We upload these to all our social media sites including here on our website.  They get hundreds of views and are talked about so often.  We have visitors come to the shop for the first time just because they have seen our videos and have wanted to see more of the shop.  We've become quite famous!


10inch x 14inch £3 per week

13inch x 18inch £4 per week

10inch x 30inch £6 per week

12inch x 28inch £7 per week

10inch x 22inch £5 per week

Here are the example of the same type of product on our price range of shelves to give you an idea of the size and amount of stock you can fit on a shelf.  We do have some wall space, clothes rail and spaces for larger items to be on show.


  1. Do I need to code my items? No, we will do that for you.

  2. Do I need to price my items? Yes, please include a list of all your items with a price list when sending your goods.

  3. Do I pay commission if an item is sold?  No, items sold on shelves have no commission charged, if you wish to sell an item on our website, this is charged at 20% commission.

  4. How much stock should I send?  We suggest that you make a mock up of the shelf size you have chosen at home then add a few extra items for restocking.  Please do not send boxes and boxes of stock as we do not have the space to store it!

  5. What if I don't know what prices to put on my goods? Out expert crafters can help you to price your goods, just ask for our help.

  6. Can I sell repackaged items? No, all items must be handmade by yourself, we also cannot accept copyrighted items eg. Disney.

  7. Do I have to rent for a certain length of time?  No. we have no tie in period, we only ask that you pay 4 weeks rent in advance at a time.

  8. How will I know if my stock is running low?  We keep you informed in your rent invoice of what sales you have made and by messenger if we need more stock from you.  

  9. How will I know how my shelf is doing with customers?  We always give any feedback we receive to the renters and pass on tips we feel that would help with sales.  We like to help as much as we can.

  10. Can I use my shelf for commission work? Yes your shelf can be used to advertise commission work, custom orders, your business or made to measure order etc

  11. What happens if I don't pay my rent?  If rent is unpaid after 7 days, the amount due will be taken from profits accrued.  The owner has the right to withhold goods until all outstanding debts are repaid.

  12. What if a customer pays by card?  The cost is taken from the profit at 1.7%, for example, an item is sold at £10 less 1.7% (17p) = profit paid to renter £9.83.

  13. How do I pay rent and receive my profit?  All payments are made easy through paypal so they are safe and tracked.  It is possible to make arrangements by cash but only if you are able to visit the shop on a monthly basis.  We encourage you to have a paypal account for your safety and ours.

  14. Where do I send my goods?  Send them safefy packed and insured if needed to the address below and let us know that they are on their way.  Don't forget to fill in your contract below!









WF13 1AJ

Please pack your items well.  Trust us, it's worth spending that couple of pounds on a roll of bubble wrap!  You don't want to see us cry on your unboxing video, nobody wants to see that!!

Creative Craft Centre
Rent a Shelf Contract
  • Although your designated shelf space will be charged at a weekly rate, your invoice will be charged at a 4 week amount in advance, preferably via paypal.

  • All sales will be notified to renter on the paypal invoice at end of 4 week period with note of profits

  • After the first 4 weeks, profits will be sent via paypal or the second 4 weeks of rent will be calculated less any profits made from the first 4 weeks.

  • Invoices for shelf rental must be paid within 7 days.  Failure to do so will result in the amount being taken for profits made in that 4 weekly period.  

  • If invoices remain unpaid the shop owner has the right to withhold the renters stock until the debt is paid.

  • If a customer wishes to pay by card the card fee is taken from the profit at 1.7%. for example a £10 item less 1.7% (17p) = £9.83 paid to renter.

  • All items must be handmade.

  • We cannot accept copyrighted items, eg. Disney

  • We do not accept any offensive language, abusive, offensive or racist items.

  • If the renter no longer wants to continue renting their shelf but is unwilling to resolve outstanding debt the shop owner has the right to hold back goods to the value of the debt outstanding.

  • It is the renters responsibility to keep their contact details up to date with the Creative Craft Centre.

  • Although we take every care possible with your items it is advisable that you have your own public liability insurance as we are not liable for items damaged or stolen items by the public whilst in our shop.

  • You may use your shelf for advertising, taking orders, custom items etc.  It is recommended that you include business cards, title, information about yourself and your products to better self your items.

  • We reserve the right to move stock around the shop to maximise the selling of your product.

  • The seller is responsible for the return postage cost at the end of the contract.

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